24 August 2014

Leo and I dive the Jacks

I woke up to walk the dog and re-read Leo's email.  I sent him an email saying that I would get in the water at 7:30 am at the Clipper.  Actually, I got to the beach around 7:00 am and waited to see if Leo would show up.  He did.  We geared up and made the surface swim out to the Jacks.  There were Moon Jellies in the water, like yesterday, so we descended a little early to avoid them.  We found the Jacks, nonetheless, had a pleasant dive swimming along them.

 Got a nice shot of an Atlantic Spadefish.
Got this shot of a Bluestriped Grunt.
Got a couple of nice shot of a Cero.
Gray Snapper
 Initial Phase Queen Parrotfish
Juvenile Stoplight Parrotfish.

As we turned the dive and left the Jacks, I looked for my compass and did not have it.  I couldn't remember if I had put it on.  Really.  So I followed Leo in.  Dive Time was 113 minutes;  RMV was 0.4 ft3/minute.

Leo wanted to make a second dive, so I agreed, but we would not make the surface swim to the Jacks.  We descended in the algae patch just East of the swim buoy and made our way slowly to the East.  Must have gotten set to the North because at around 75 minutes we approached the Jacks from the North.  We headed East along the Jacks and then over the sand to the beach.

Got some nice shots of a Midnight Parrotfish.
Followed a Nurse Shark along the Jacks, then he turned and came back and I got this shot.
 Queen Parrotfish
Love the decoration around the eye of this Sharpnose Puffer.
White spotted Filefish

Dive time was 140 minutes; RMV was 0.33 ft3/minute.

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