31 August 2014

Jack Holts final two open water dives on the Clipper Jacks

Luis got to the beach before Jack and I did, but we were not far behind.  We all geared up and got in the water. Surf was rougher than yesterday.  Visibility was terrible over the sand and early in the algae patch, but by the time we got to the 3-tiered reef, it was looking pretty good.  We had trouble finding the Jacks.  No single jacks in sight. We finally just went down. Jack and I swam North and Luis swam South.  The Jacks were to the North, but we were well along the line of Jacks when we found them. We continued on to 25 ft section, and then Luis held the line while Jack and I did the alternate air source ascent and a CESA.  We were a bit fast on the CESA. Anyway, we made the tour of the Jacks and then headed back to the beach.

Luis took his camera and got several good shots, including this shot a of a small school of Atlantic Spadefish.
 This shot of a small flounder of some kind.
This shot of a Hogfish.
 This shot of a Porcupinefish.
 This shot of a Spotted Trunkfish.
 This shot of a Trumpetfish.

and this shot of a Yellow Sand Ray.

You can see ore of Luis's work at Luis Monroy Photography.

Dive Time was 121 minutes; RMV of 0.32 ft3/minute and 795 psi still in the tank when I surfaced.  Not bad for Jack's 3rd open water dive.

Luis left after the first dive and Jack and I went over the Table problems, then Jack took and passed his Final Exam during our surface interval. We geared up and got in the water for his 4th and final dive. I did not take the camera as Luis made only the one dive with us.  We descended in 16 feet of water and headed out to the SE.  Got into 22 feet and turned North.  Bumped into the 3-tiered reef line, but did not see the Jacks.  headed back to the beach.  Dive Time of 94 minutes; RMV of 0.31 ft3/minute and almost 1500 psi left in the tank.  

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