23 May 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

Swam out to the reef and spotted the Rock Pile from the surface.  Descended and headed up the reef at 120 degrees.  I went too far, but spotted the cushion coral, so I headed SW and found the Ledge.

Got some photos of this Striped Parrotfish

and this Brown Chromis.  Not a lot of unusual fish, so I decided to head over to the Shark's Rock.

Went due East from the two Coral Heads and ended up at Shark's Rock, near which I spotted this Scrawled Filefish.

I continued on to the Eastern Ledge.

I found this Giant Anemone in the sand just past the reef line.

By then I was at about 1400 psi, so I headed back first to Shark's Rock, then South to the Nipple Rock.  In the Rocks just South of the Nipple Rock, I found this Greater Soapfish and got a few pictures.

I continued on to the Ledge of Turtles and along the way took this picture of a Three Spotted Damselfish.

From the Ledge, I went down the reef at 300 degrees to the Rock Pile.  The water was calm, but very hazy. Killed time at the Rock Pile and left at 2 hours with 350 psi. Got another 14 minutes out of that and ended the dive at 134 minutes.

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