18 May 2014

Luis, Leo and I Make one dive on the Eastern Ledge off Tower 17 and Leo and I make a second

At first, I wanted to take my camera, but the more I watched the waves the more I was inclined to leave the camera in the truck.  While I might see a couple of really nice things to photograph, it wasn't worth risking the camera since the photos were unlikely to be really good.  Visibility was a little better than yesterday, but it wasn't good.  We went down just past the swim buoy and swam NE against a strong South current.  Although I had hoped we would find the Big Coral Knoll, we did not.  We swam over some large rocks that  I did not recognize both going out and coming back.  We went North along the Ledge and I saw a large Pederson Shrimp by a corkscrew anemone.  I thought for a moment that I wished I'd brought the camera, but there were a lot of particles in the water and the pictures would not have been very good.  We turned West to the beach when Luis and I hit half a tank at virtually the same moment.  The trip back was with the incoming tide and we flew.  We came out at Tower 18.  I got out fine, but I got lucky and rode a wave in over the step.  I could just as easily blown up.  I was happy that I'd left the camera behind.

Luis decided against a second dive, but Leo and I wanted to get back in, so we did. I really wanted to find the Big Coral Knoll, we swam out to the swim buoy and I tried to just hold a 90 degree bearing, but we must have gone too far North, again.  We went South along the Ledge this time though and I spotted the wall of finger coral.  We turned West there and came just South of the Knoll.  I happened to spot the SE corner and swam over and around the Knoll a bit, then went to the Fish Camp Rocks.  The surge was pretty wild.  I flew back and forth across the flat rock between the BCK and the FCR.  We investigated the FCR a bit, then headed West to the beach. I found the Gray Mid-way Rock and the Cigar Rock, but that was the last thing I recognized until we passed the Sea Rod onto the sand at the beach.  So much easier getting out of the water without the camera.  I don't worry about losing it, or breaking it. If I fall, I just get back up.  No big deal.

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