09 February 2014

Solo Dive with Squid Near the Big Coral Knoll

I didn't feel like I was cold.  I was wearing the 5 mm sleeveless vest and hood under my lavacore suit.  Still, I sure wolfed down the air.  I swam out to the blocks and descended, then swam up the gunsight to the Cigar Rock.

 Got a picture of this Sheepshead Porgy

and one shot of this Bluespotted Coronetfish.  This one was not interested in playing with me like the fellow on

   Just West of the Gray Mid-way Rock, I spotted three large Reef Squid.  One had black spots on a lighter body and light streaks on his tentacles.

The other two had solid color bodies.  We swam around for quite a while and I took tons of pictures, but we never really left that area with a number of knobby sea rods.  I think they may have been mating.  If so, they will die shortly after the female lays her eggs.  That's depressing.

 Anyway, I turned towards the Big Coral Knoll to search of the baby trunkfish I had spotted with Luis last Sunday.  I couldn't find them or the spots I saw them.  Visibility wasn't the problem, it was that I just could not remember where we were.

I did get a picture of this Blue Tang

and I got to swim with this little Green Sea Turtle

 I swam for a bit with this Spanish Hogfish

and I got several shots of this Yellowhead Wrasse.

 I headed back to the Gray Rock at about 1200 psi and found the squid again.  I spent another 5 minutes or so with them, then headed to the blocks and to the beach.

Might have done a second dive.  I was not that cold.  Maybe tomorrow.

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