12 February 2014

Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

       I got to the beach about 8:50 am and the lifeguard showed up at 9:00 am.  I was not prepared for this.  I hurried and got my gear on and headed out through the surf while he was still opening up, but in my haste I forgot my weights and the dive flag came apart in the surf.  I sure wish the old men in the red-leather chairs would have found something else to do besides keeping me safe by requiring me to always swim with an impediment.     Anyway, I had to go back in.  The Lifeguard, to his credit, was decent enough about it all.  He came over to tell me that I needed to get in before he was officially on the job as his orders were to stop solo divers.  So I quickly got back in and he swam out with me.  I went to the concrete blocks, he went to the buoy.  The surface was rough.  Lots of wind and chop, but it was relatively calm on the bottom and visibility was pretty good.

Got a nice picture of one of the Blue Gobys near the concrete blocks.

and another nice picture of a Midnight Parrotfish by the Cigar Rock.

Somewhere after the Cigar Rock and before the Perpendicular Rocks, I found and photographed this green insect looking thing.  I have no idea what it is, but I've got these two pretty clear pictures of it.

At the Perpendicular Rocks I got this shot of a White Grunt .

On the Knoll, I got this shot of a Mutton Snapper.

I found this Hogfish over at the English Garden

Then picked up this Queen Angelfish when I got back to the Knoll.

On the way back to the beach, I got this shot of a Yellow Jack.

The water was warm:  77 degrees.  I was able to make my third 2 hour dive of this year.

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