10 February 2014

Another Lost Solo Dive to the Ledge of Turtles and more trouble with the Ikelite Housing

Parked next to the main entrance, geared up and got in the water.  Just wearing the 5 mm sleeveless hooded vest under my lavacore suit.  Swam out to my spot and descended to find the rock pile just East of me.

I swam along a 120 degree bearing for quite a while, then spotted a Golden Variation Trunkfish and chased after it.

Didn't get any good close up shots, but you can tell what it is.

I went back and tried to pick up my bearing, but I was in new terrain.  So I headed East to the Eastern Ledge and then worked my way back hoping to find Shark's Rock or the Nipple Rock or something I recognized.  This Intermediate French Angelfish watched with some interest.

I found a nudibranch and got a lot of pictures.  I have only spotted one other down here.  I used to see them more often just below the Commercial Pier.

The area really noted for Nudibranch is the Blue Heron Bridge, but I don't often get up there.

I left the Nudibranch and was just swimming around when I found the Ledge of Turtles.  I came upon it from the NE and it took me a while to recognize where I was.  Of course, by this time I was down to 1400 psi.  I got some shots of various fish, including this Butter Hamlet,

this Atlantic Spadefish

This Scrawled Filefish

This Yellowtail Damselfish

this more unusual Golden Variation of the Yellowtail Damselfish.

and a small school of Porkfish traveling across the Ledge.

I stuck to my 300 degree bearing and swam right to the rock pile, then doubled back to look for landmarks and got lost.  So I swam to the beach.

      As I was crossing the trench and about to climb the embankment to get out, the left housing handle came off with the strobe.  I looked and saw the nut still on the housing, but I got knocked over by a wave and the nut came out.  So I was holding the flag, my fins the camera inside the housing and the left handle and strobe in my right hand while I tugged my mask on with my left and looked for the nut, but I did not find it.  I haven't had the damn thing in the water a week yet and already the Ikelite housing is falling apart.

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