08 December 2013

Diving the Yankee Clipper with Luis and still without a camera

I met Luis in the South Beach parking lot.  We geared up and hiked across the sand to the beach.  We walked in a bit North of the Life Guard Tower, but well South of the volley ball court.

We descended shortly after getting in, and we swam due East over algae.  for quite a while.  I was watching a school of Porkfish and then saw a small octopus fly by me.  The algae eventually gave way to sand and then some shale and reef.  We kept heading East. but I think we drifted North, too.  Along the way I picked up a small shark sucker who spooked me when he tried to fasten onto my neck.

We found a couple of Euro Jacks by themselves on the shale reef.  Then we found a few more.  Then we found a small pile.  Just as we came to the pile, I came face to face with a small Nurse Shark who came through a Sea Plume just as I approached.  I went down and the nurse shark went over me, but I think both of us were quite startled by the encounter.

Luis and I kept swimming East and found a long stretch of Euro Jacks about 10 feet high.   We swam until we were low on air, but we never did find the end of this wall of Jacks.  I went up and decided we were due East of the fire house, so maybe we can find this again.

Would have been really nice to have a camera.  Lots of nurse sharks.  Lots of fish.  Visibility was not great, but there were pictures there, and I didn't get them.    

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