12 December 2013

Two Solo Dives on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

     I had filled tanks on Sunday and gotten some very good fills.  I was surprised then on Wednesday when I had geared up to see a psi of 2868.  I was expecting about 3200.  Undaunted, I swam out on the surface for 20 minutes from the rocks and descended.  I headed South for several minutes and then spotted the Jacks. I swam along the length of the Jacks and then back, continuing West to the beach.  Despite the short fill, I logged a two hour and three minute dive.  Warm water.  Okay visibility.  Nice dive time, considering, but just not the same without a camera.

     On Thursday, I slept in and did not get to the beach until about 8:30 am.  I raced to get gear on and get in the water.  I was afraid that the lifeguards might take the towers a little earlier at South Beach, but they didn't.  I had plenty of time and swam on the surface for about 20 minutes before I descended.

     I could not see the Jacks from the surface, but decided I was probably too far North.  I descended and searched and, as I suspected, I found them to the South.  I followed the Jacks East, then heard a boat close by.  I disconnected the flag line and stayed low.  This boat was close.  The noise stopped, so I forgot about it, then swam right under the boat, which had anchored to the North of the Jacks, but was just to the South of them when I encountered it.

     No Nurse Sharks today.  Water seemed colder, though calmer.  Killed time getting off the reef, but forgot about the algae section and barely had enough air to get to the beach.  The dive was two hours and thirty-one minutes.

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