07 December 2013

Diving the Big Coral Knoll with Luis and without a camera

    Luis sent me a text that he would be early, so I hustled down to the beach at 7:42 am.  He was already there and waiting next to Tower 17.  We geared up and got in the water.

It was colder than I remembered, but like the swimming pool yesterday with Jamie, I got used to it.

We swam out to the blocks to descend, then went up the gun sight to Irish Thighs and up to the Cigar Rock. Swam a bit South and ended up at the split coral head.  I turned and went to the Perpendicular Rocks while Luis apparently continued heading East towards the Fish Camp Rocks.  When he didn't show up at the Perpendicular Rocks, I went back to where we were last together and he found me there.  We then went to the Fish Camp Rocks and then over to the Big Coral Knoll.

We also swam out to the English Garden, then back to the Knoll and then West just a bit off the Knoll.  We ended up back at the blocks and then swam in.  The dive was two hours and seven minutes.

Without the camera, I was light, but I could control it with my breathing.  I also found that I was more observant without the camera.  When I dive with the camera, I am always looking for a shot.  Without the camera I am looking and seeing things that could develop into a good shot if I would hang back and let them.  Interesting, but I really miss the camera.

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