29 November 2013

Back in the U S A

     The trip to St Kitts had been hard on equipment.  I flooded the Intova and it is officially dead, dead, dead.  Not a major expense, but not cheap, either.  Wasn't a great camera, but it was handy to take with students or give to students to use and get pictures of them with turtles, moray eels and other sea life.  Suppose I need to replace it, but maybe not right now.

     I didn't take the Canon 5d Mk ii into the water, but I ended up shorting it out playing with the battery pack.  Sad.  I broke two cameras and only got one weeks worth of pictures during a 3 week trip to St. Kitts and Nevis.  I got no pictures of Nevis, which was the fairer of the two islands.

     Dropped the Canon off at the Camera Clinic.  Pete estimates he can repair it for $850.  I bought it new for just under $2,000.  Oh well.  I did order a Mk iii and housing, but I need to learn the camera before I take it into the water.

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