18 February 2012

Dianne and I diving the Fish Camp Rocks

Dianne and I went in at Tower 17.  We walked out past the sand bar to fin up.  We descended almost immediately, and swam out to the reef on the sand.  I was shooting with the 100 mm macro lens.  We saw a Green Turtle on the algae West of the reef and swam to the Perpendicular Rocks and the Big Coral Knoll.
 I got some good shots of what turned out to be a Juvenile Yellowhead Wrasse.
We also found a Hawksbill Sea Turtle, with whom we swam for 10 - 15 minutes.    
The Hawksbill took us from the Knoll to the Fish Camp Rocks, and we stopped there while the Turtles turned East to the ledge.
  We stayed at the Rocks and found a Spotted Burrfish, who absolutely refused to allow me to photograph his face.    
 I also found a Nurse Shark laying under the SE Rocks.  It, too, refused to let me get a good shot.
I got some other fish portraits, including a Yellowtail Snapper,
a Bar Jack,
 and a Sergeant Major.
On the way back to the beach, I spotted one Flamingo Tongue on top of another.  It did not seem sexual, so I am guessing that the one on top was eating the other.   Then we headed back to the beach, where we saw another Green Turtle.
 A little further along, I found some green Mat Zoanthid and got a few good shots.
Finally, we saw another small Green Sea Turtle on the algae just before we got to the beach.  Both of us were cold and decided to pass on a second dive.

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