08 January 2012

Open Water dives with Ravi and Rafael

Rafael and I went through his confined water dives on the 31st of December. The water was cold but bearable. Ravi, Marc and I attempted their confined water dives on the night of the 6th, but the water was unbearable. We finished up on the afternoon of the 7th, and it was just bearable. Jorge has said he will heat the pool and I for one cannot wait. That water is so cold!

On the morning of the 8th, Ravi and Rafael met at my apartment. We got Rafael set up with gear and went to the beach. Luis was late, so Ravi, Rafael and I geared up and got in. We swam out to the reef, but the guys were too light and could not get down, so we swam back just in time to meet Luis. I added weight to both Rafael and Ravi. Ravi's main problem is his breathing. He could get down with some help, but had trouble controlling his place in the water column. We struggled through the skills, then swam back in when Ravi got down to 1000 psi.
 On the way back to the beach, we spotted a purplemouth Moray Eel with a tumor.  He was an odd looking fellow.

We spent over an hour on the beach getting warm before we got in for our second dive.  My computer measured the water temperature at 67 degrees.  I quickly chilled.

 We spotted a lobster or two hiding under the coral heads and Ravi pointed out a small green turtle as we were swimming back in.  He seemed to have better control of his buoyancy on the second dive.  Rafael was fine with the extra two pounds of weight.
Ravi ran out of air first, so he and I went back to the beach while Luis and Rafael stayed on the reef a little longer.  I was cold by the time we got in.

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