07 January 2012

Night Diving with Chris Coney

Chris came by the apartment about 7:15 pm.  He is working on his Advanced Open Water certification.  We got our gear and drove to the beach.  There was almost no wind and the air temperatue was warm.  The water was colder.  The moon was almost full and very bright.  It was well up in the sky and we could see fairly well without using our lights.  We swam to the reef and descended, then swam East, but somehow must have drifted South because I did not recognize any landmarks.  My camera battery worked for the test shot on the beach, but died in the water.  I got no pictures, which is just as well as we did not see anything interesting, in any event.  Chris was cold and we turned back well before 1500 psi.  We ended up just South of the dune near Tower 17.

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