10 January 2012

Diving with Bobby Witkop

I got a call from a former student, Bobby Witkop, who was in town with his college swim team.  He had earned his Open Water certification with me last April and had not been diving since his open water dives with me.  We arranged to meet and get him in the water again.  I spent the weekend in Pembroke Pines and drove over to pick him up at his motel.  Of course 595 was a mess that time of the morning and I was late getting to LBTS.  We drove back to my apartment and got him some gear.  Then we drove to
 the Fort Lauderdale beach only to realize that I had forgotten the flag.  So back we went.

Eventually, we got all of the glitches ironed out and got in the water.  We swam out to the reef and descended, then headed East to the Fish Camp Rocks.  Found some Christmas Tree Worms and some Squat Anemone Shrimp in a Giant Anemone.  Its a little difficult to see the little fellas among the tentacles, especially if the water is moving the tentacles about.
 We swam around the Fish Camp Rocks for a bit, looking for some Midnight Blue Parrotfish, then decided to swim over to the Big Coral Knoll, where we found a small Green Sea Turtle.
 Got a nice picture of a small Seaweed Blenny poking his head out of a bottle.
 Also got a nice portrait of a frond oyster.
 Took a portrait of a Spanish Grunt.
 Of course, I got some shots of the sea turtle.  Most Greens are quite timid and it is difficult to get very close to them, but this little guy swam right up to me and was not the least bit bothered by the flash of the strobe.

I like these little Sharpnose Puffers.

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