07 January 2012

Diving with Luis at the Fish Camp Rocks

Luis and I made a lot of dives last winter and I have sorely missed his company this winter.  It is much easier to get up and drive to the beach on these cold mornings if I know someone is counting on me tos show up and dive.  Turns out that there are not a lot of cold water divers in SE Florida.  Today Luis and I met at the beach, geared up and got in the water.  There was very little wind and almost flat seas, which was nice.  We swam to the reef and descended.  We then 
swam slowly to the North East, but apparently got set even further North than I had intended, because we  ended  up near the perpendicular rocks just South of  the Swept Rock.  We swam a bit farther and found the Big Coral Knoll.   I got a nice shot of some Smooth Flower Coral just on the overhang where the turtles used to sleep.  A little further West, I got a nice shot of a White Grunt, and then on the Northwestern edge of the Knoll I got a nice shot of a Yellowtail Damselfish.  
 We made several passes over the Knoll and then decided to head South to the Fish Camp Rocks.  Found a number of schools of fish.  I tried taking portraits, but the strobe was acting up and they were not coming out.  We next headed to the Furry Rock, then went back to the beach.

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