28 January 2012

Diving the Fish Camp Rocks with Luis

Luis met me at the beach at 7:30 am and we geared up and swam out to the reef to descend  on our mark.  We then swam slowly at 90 degrees.  I got a few pictures of some little blenny I cannot yet identify.  The strobe worked fine for my test shot at the truck and for several of these shots of the blenny, but then it just stopped.    
I thought maybe it was the cable, itself, that had a short, but as I looked, I could see that the connection was broken at the hot shoe.  So I put the strobe away and adjusted the exposure so I could shoot with natural light.  Some pictures came out well and others did not.
 I got several good pictures of a Midnight Blue Parrotfish at the Fish Camp Rocks.  Because I had to set the exposure for natural light, I had be wait for the fish to hold still or everything was blurred.
 We also toured around the Big Coral Knoll and I got some shots of a Scrawled Filefish.  Again, I had to wait for the fish to stop or the shot just wasn't going to be any good.

 Some fish seemed to pose for me.  Others, not so much.  This White Grunt was in the former group, and I appreciated the cooperation.
 I really like the expression on this Bluestripped Grunt.
 This Chub also slowed down and let me get a shot before he went tearing off.
On the way back to the beach, we encountered what I first thought was a Guitarfish, but now think is a Lesser Electric Ray.  This is the first Electric Ray I have spotted on the First Reef Line.

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