25 January 2012

Calvin Barnard's First Open Water Dives

I had a new Open Water student start on Monday.  His name is Calvin Barnard and he is South African.  Since I found the knoll yesterday, I decided to take Calvin there for his first two dives.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.

The air temperature was warm and the day was sunny.  The water could have been warmer, but it was not bad.  We headed East from the middle entry point just as I had yesterday, but I did not find anything I recognized.  We swam out farther, then came back and came across the Tiny Knoll.
 I went up to verify that it was the Tiny Knoll, then went back down and headed North.  I almost swam past the Knoll, though, but I just happened to glance to the West and saw the Coral head on the NE edge of the Little Coral Knoll.  Calvin and I looked around, but I had taken the Intova, not the Canon, so I didn't try to get many pictures.      
 I took the Canon on the second dive and got a good shot of a Smooth Trunkfish coming straight at me.  The picture would have been better if I could have been lower and looking up.  Still, it's a good picture.
 I found and photographed a small Great Horseshoe Worm.
 I also got a portrait of a Yellow Jack
 and a Porkfish.
My favorite is this picture of a Blue Stripped Grunt.

 We had trouble finding the Knoll on the second dive.  We spent 42 minutes of our 79 minute dive looking for the Little Coral Knoll.   I saw the bucket.  I saw the 3 concrete blocks.  I saw the really tall coral we saw on the first dive.  Got a picture of Calvin coming over that coral head.

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