04 May 2011

A Three Dive Day

After the terrible visibility of the past two days, our 15 ft of visibility seemed like a dream come true. John Hermanson and I swam out to the Fish Camp Rocks, then to the Furry Rock and across to the Big Coral Knoll. Saw a nurse shark, a hermit crab and some midnight blue parrotfish.

Got some good pictures. Took 2 pounds off John, but he seemed light the whole dive. Spent a lot of time head-down trying to stay on the bottom.

For the second dive, we decided to swim to the Big Coral Knoll, then to the Ledge and North to our marker and West to the Fish Camp Rocks, except we missed the Big Coral Knoll. We swam

around mindlessly, but somehow found it even after swimming with a turtle. Went to the ledge and then North, but did not get as far as the marker, so we swam in without finding the Rocks.

We had to wait to add money to the parking stub, but I was happy for the extended surface interval. When we went in, we headed out to the Fish Camp Rocks then over to the Big Coral Knoll, except we missed it. The visibility had dmiminished considerably. A kayaker told us he had watched a "Brown Cloud" move in. I dismissed his comment as bluster, but it was accurate. We swam with a turtle and backtracked to the South to find the disc, which may have been the first time during the entire dive that I knew where I was. Pitiful. From the Disc, we swam to the Big Coral Knoll and found a small Green Sea Turtle hunkered down in the coral.

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