01 May 2011

Gabriela Gomez Earns Her Open Water Certification

This was Gabby's fourth and final open water dive required for certification. She was a little nervous and the surf was 2-3 ft. We got out beyond the breakers, swam past the swim buoy and descended. She kept close to me, but did not hesitate and did not have any problems equalizing her ears. I swam out at 90 degrees, expecting to find the Fish Camp Rocks, but instead came upon the Big Coral Knoll from the SE. It took a few

moments to recognize it. We made a quick swim through and I photographed a juvenile Puddingwife and a Yellowtail Damselfish, then headed to the South and the Fish Camp Rocks. Again, however, I got pushed by the current and only happened to see the Furry Rock to the West

as we were swimming. We completely passed the Fish Camp Rocks. Finally, though, we swam to the Rocks from the Furry Rock and we actually found them. I also found a Speckled Hermit Crab and got some pictures. Then we headed West to the beach.

Gabby was tired after her dive and just wanted to lie on the beach. Dianne and I made a second dive. We descended at the swim buoy and swam out to the Eastern edge of the reef. I spent a lot of

time shooting macro and got some good pictures, but did not find another jawfish with eggs in its mouth. I did find a second Speckled Hermit Crab, some Arrow Crab and a small Spotted Scorpionfish.

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