02 May 2011

I see nothing!

John Hermanson is in town from Wisconsin and wanted to go diving. I got some gear for him and took him to the beach. The wind was up and from the East. We went in through a 3-5 ft surf that appeared much bigger when we were in the water. We got out without incident however, and descended over the reef. Visibility was terrible: less than 3 feet. I had John hold on to my tank as we made our way to the East. We somehow managed to find the two precursor rocks to the Fish Camp Rocks, but swam right past the Fish Camp Rocks themselves. We got to the ledge and swam North a bit, then came West to the beach. We went over a portion of the Big Coral Knoll, but saw very little. We quit after only one dive. I took the Intova point and shoot, but I took only one shot and it did not turn out so well. Maybe tomorrow.

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