26 February 2011

You Can't Take Pictures with the Lens Cap On

The day was gorgeous. Isaac Parker was diving with me. He earned his open water certification with me in November of 2010. We were late getting to the beach and had to park on the West side of the road. We entered in front of Tower 17 and swam out to the reef at 100 degrees, descended, and swam to the Fish Camp Rocks. I left the lens cap on my camera, however, so I got no pictures. None.

From the Fish Camp Rocks, we swam to the Furry Rock, which is really Pillar Coral with extended polyps. Spent a little time there, then headed out looking for the Big Coral Knoll. We were swimming more or less North at 330 degrees, when Isaac spotted a small Green Sea Turtle. He got my attention and we swam to the turtle. We approached it slowly and cautiously, and I backed off when it looked concerned, but ultimately, we got to swim with it for quite a while. Just wish I had gotten some pictures.

Later, on the way back to the beach, I found a French Angelfish lying on the bottom at a cleaning station. The Angelfish left, but I found one of the shrimp on a sea rod and could have gotten a great picture if I had not left the lens cap on the camera.

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