24 February 2011

Where or Where is the Big Coral Knoll?

Luis wanted to enter the water North of the tower and try to find the Big Coral Knoll, so we did. Look for the Coral Knoll, that is. We did not find it. We found a school of Spadefish and a Hawksbill turtle, but we did not find the Knoll. We swam to the Eastern edge and back without seeing any familiar landmarks.

For our second dive, I wanted to find the Fish Camp Rocks. We know it is roughly South and East of the Big Coral Knoll, so we entered in front of Lifeguard Tower 17 and swam out at 100 degrees. We descended over the reef and continue to swim out at 90 degrees. We missed the Rocks and ended up at the Eastern edge of the reef. It was cold and I was blowing through air. We found a small Green Turtle and an Orange Spotted Filefish, but that was all.

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