27 February 2011

Why are we here?

Dianne and I decided to try a dive this morning. We have been trading our respective colds all winter and my ears were badly plugged up. I could not hear the air leaking from the bad O-ring on my tank when I set it up, but I could certainly hear and clearly see the bubbles once we got

underwater. Then my octopus started to free flow, too. I was unable to get it to stop, completely, but turning the tank off and then back on slowly did slow the free flow.

We swam out from Tower 17, but once again missed the Fish Camp Rocks. It was a short dive because I was leaking so much air from the tank. There was not much to photograph, but I did get a shot of a Scamp and and good series of a Smooth Trunkfish. After the dive, I went home and crawled into bed, where I stayed for the first 10 days of March.

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