08 February 2015

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks

I swam out to the swim buoys and descended, then slowly swam to the East. I took my camera this morning, but visibility was not much better than yesterday and there just were very few fish around on the Algae Patch.

 I got this shot of a Bicolor Damselfish.

 Then this shot of a Reef Butterflyfish.
When I got on the sand, I got this shot of a Saucereye Porgy.

I overcompensated for the current and went North some, too.  Swam across the sand to about 25 feet and turned South.  I ascended at 1774 psi and just floated for a short surface interval.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; consumption was 34.12 psi/minute at an average depth of 21 feet; SAC rate was 20.85 and the RMV was 0.54 ft3/minute.

While on the surface warming myself, I swam SW. I descended to 24 feet and continued heading SW.  Picked up some shells, but nothing spectacular. Swam to the Jacks and then along the North side of the Jacks and SW to the beach.
I got this shot of a Spotfin Butterflyfish on the Jacks.

Then this shot of a Hogfish, also on the Jacks.

I got this shot of what I think is Ivory Coral on the Algae Patch headed back to the beach.

I came out well South of Tower 1, but the slope of the beach was not so bad.  There was no step, or, probably more correctly, the step was lost in the high tide and I got to walk out without a great deal of trouble, except that the slope was sort of steep and I had little time to get my fins off and get organized for the walk out.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; consumption was 34.74 psi/minute at an average depth of 16 feet; SAC rate was 23.4 psi/minute and RMV was 0.60 ft3/minute.

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