07 February 2015

Diving the Eastern Ledge off Tower 15

I had looked at the Ocean Rescue page on the net, which said the lifeguards were on the towers from 9:45 to 5:00. They apparently don't update their page. I got to Birch State Park parking lot at about 8:40 am, but killed time in case Luis showed up.  He didn't, so when I was offered, I took the first ride on the new shuttle to the main entry. I crossed the street and got in the water. There was no lifeguard in the Tower.

I did not take the camera as the water was pretty wild and the visibility was unlikely to be worth the risk to the camera.  Indeed, as I got my fins on and was swimming through the surf, I saw the Ocean Rescue truck and some guys around it. I later learned that they were trying to get my attention and call me back because, their lack of experience and abundance of arrogance caused them to decide that the water was too dangerous for diving. I kept going and swam out beyond the swim buoy to descend. I then headed East to the Ledge off Tower 15.

Underwater, there was lots of surge, poor visibility and cold water, but I got out.  I collected some shells, most of which did not make it back, probably falling out of my pocket as I did not get upright when I put new shells in my pocket. At 1750 psi, I headed up. I surfaced from 35 feet and 38 minutes. Hung on the surface letting the sun warm me, then descended.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; consumption at an average depth of 20 feet was 37.82 psi/minute; SAC rate was 23.55 psi/minute; RMV was 0.61 ft3/minute.

Got caught up in the flag line at the surface and had to take my gear off and unwrap the line from my tank valve. Typical, another mandated safety precaution from the fat cocksuckers in the red leather chairs that endangers others but profits their brother-in-laws flag making business.

Once I was clear of the flag line, I descended into 22 feet of water. Headed West and let the current push me South. I surfaced in about 10 feet of water and less than 2 ft of visibility over sand, but was slightly North of Tower 15.  I was concerned that someone would give me a hard time when I got ashore, but no one did. I swam on the surface to the main entry just South of the Tower and managed to get my fins off in time to walk through the surf and climb out.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; consumption at an average depth of 19 feet was 39.68 psi/minute; SAC rate was 25.18 psi/minute and RMV was 0.65 ft3/minute.

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