03 February 2015

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks and the Tower 2 Algae Patch

I left the apartment at 8:30 am and got to the South Beach parking lot by 8:41 am.The surface temperature was colder than the water temperature. I geared up, walked to the water and got in. I swam on the surface well past the swim buoys but not off the algae patch, and then descended. Not much life on the algae patch, that I see, anyway. I take my first pictures of a small hermit crab inside a moonsail shell in the sand furrows just East of the Algae Patch.

I see and photograph a much bigger hermit crab on the Sand just East of the 3-tiered reef.  I also get buzzed by some jet skis, so I go up to yell at the little bastards and warm myself in the sun.

Dive Time was 53 minutes; consumption rate was 28.23 psi/minute at an average depth of 20 ft; SAC rate was 16.94 psi/minute and the RMV was 0.44 ft3/minute.

When I descend again, I turn South to get to the Jacks and swim along the furrows looking for the Gaudy Naticas (moonsail shells with delicate green patterns instead of the all white shell). I take some photographs of various fish when I get to the Jacks, including these Juvenile Creole Wrasse.

 I also get several shots of a little Southern Atlantic Stingray as he took off from the Jacks.

On the Algae Patch, I find and photograph a small Nurse Shark with small dark spots.

and a small baby Caribbean Reef Squid. Then I surface, wind up the flag reel and swim in.

Dive Time is 41 minutes; consumption is 34.88 psi/minute at an average depth of 16 feet; my SAC rate is 23.49 psi/minute and the RMV is 0.61 ft3/minute.

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