01 January 2015

Solo Dive with my New Camera on New Year's Day

Awoke very early and read and napped until 6:00 am.  Went over the camera and housing to make sure everything worked, then packed it in the truck. Packed my dive gear, as well and headed for the beach.

Parked in the South Beach lot about 8:30 am and set up my dive gear.  Walked in the water before anyone was on the Tower, but it was close to 9:00 am and I was getting worried.  Cruised the Algae Patch off Tower 2 and tried to remember how to shoot pictures. Ended up with a lot of out-of-focus shots, but I also got some good shots like the following:

 Banded Coral Shrimp
 Bandtail Puffer
 Christmas Tree Worm
Dusky Jawfish
 Gray Triggerfish
Juvenile Blackear Wrasse
 Juvenile Porkfish

Smooth Trunkfish

Swam out to 20 feet of water on the sand, just before the tiered reef, then headed back.  Maximum depth was 20 feet, but the average depth was only 14 ft.  Dive Time was 115 minutes and I could maybe have stretched that to 120 minutes, but I was in less than 10 feet of water and didn't want to swim  back out, giving the lifeguards a reason to hassle me.

Water temperature was 76 degrees; Consumption at an average depth of 14 feet was 24.28 psi/minute; SAC rate was 17.05 psi/minute; RMV was 0.44 ft3/minute.

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