03 January 2015

Diving with Luis on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

I got to the beach first, but Luis was right behind me.  We geared up and got in the water. Surf was rough but not impossible. We got out, swam on the surface to the swim buoy, then descended and began working our way East. Neither of us took a camera, and that was the right call. Visibility was terrible, probably about 3 ft at times and certainly no more than 5 ft.  But it did get better.

We made it out to the Jacks and came up from the North, then followed them East to the end and back again.  I found a large Cowry shell just sitting on the bottom near the Eastern end of the Jacks. We came back on the South side, which created some difficulties with a North current. I got dragged into the Jacks if I didn't fight the pull of the flag. I left the Jacks and headed to the beach with 1200 psi.  I thought I would make 2 hours, but the current picked up as we left the Jacks and the winds picked up a bit, too. I was on fumes as we crossed over onto the sand at the beach and I surfaced to hold the flag rather than fight it any more. The waves were tall:  4-5 ft and from several different directions. Getting out was difficult. I was really glad I had not taken the camera.

Water temperature was 76 degrees; Dive Time 104 minutes; consumption 26.53 psi/minute at 18 feet average depth; SAC rate 17.17 psi/minute on an aluminum 80; RMV 0.44 ft3/minute.

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