30 January 2015

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks

Surface temperature was cold, but the wind was out of the NW and the ocean was flat.  I decided to dive. Got to the South Beach parking lot about 8:30 am, geared up and walked to the water.  Swam out towards the swim buoy, but descended over the sand. Got on the algae patch and spotted a small Burrfish, but it swam off while I was messing with the flag line, which had unspooled.

I did get this shot of a Dusky Jawfish,
 this shot of a Gray Angelfish, and
this Sand Perch.

I was shivering at 50 minutes, so I surfaced and warmed up a little.  There was a thermocline, and the surface water was a lot warmer. I also discovered that I had gotten set well North of the Jacks.  I was on the Eastern Edge of the 3-tiered reef, but well North of where I wanted to be. I descended and swam Southwest taking pictures and looking for shells.

Got this shot of a Seaweed Blenny basking in the sun,

this shot of a Slippery Dick,

and this shot of a Sharpnose Puffer showing off its painted eyes.

I got to the Jacks at about 1200 psi, but I was down to 900 psi when I left the Jacks and headed West to the beach.  Made it inside the swim buoys, but I was sucking the bottom of the tank. I was shivering for most of the dive.  


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