26 January 2015

Diving the Little Coral Knoll

It's been eight days since I have been diving.  Just so cold.  I decided to go to the State Park and dive the Little Coral Knoll off Tower 15.

I got to the Park about 8:30 am, parked, geared up and got in the water.  Swam out past the swim buoy and descended. Surface was windy, but it was a SW wind, so although there was a lot of surface current, the current was mild on the bottom. I went down and found the Big Rock.  Took some pictures, then headed South to the smaller rock, 130 degrees to the knee -high coral head, across the sand sea and South to the counterweight. From there I headed 130 degrees to the knoll. Hung with the fish and took pictures, including the following:

 Barred Hamlet
Blue Tang
Butter Hamlet

I surfaced at about 2000 psi to try to warm myself. I was so cold. Once I got feeling back in my hands, I descended onto the knoll, then headed off at 45 degrees to the Porthole Rocks.  Took pictures there, then swam back to the knoll and got some more shots there, including

 this shot of a Scrawled Cowfish with a Gray Angelfish in the background
and this shot of a hogfish yawning.

At 1000 psi, I headed back to the beach and ascended in 9 ft of water and 193 psi.

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