18 September 2014

Dimitry and I dive the Clipper Jacks

Dmitry Titov came over to dive with me this morning. He needed to borrow a regulator, but had everything else.  We went to the South Beach lot, then swam on the surface out to the Jacks to descend.

I took my camera and got this shot of a small school of Bar Jacks just above the Wall of Jacks.

I also got this shot of a Blue Parrotfish.

Dimitry did well in the water, but he still wants to stand vertically rather than swim horizontally.  He also waives his arms a fair amount, suggesting that he has not really learned to breathe well.  But he was comfortable in the water and cautious.  He didn't band into the reef or the Jacks.  

I got lots of shots, including the pair of Christmas Tree Worms,
 this Initial Phase Striped Parrotfish,
this Midnight Parrotfish
this Ocean Surgeonfish,
this Redband Parrotfish,

and this Yellow Snapper.

Dimitry went through his tank fairly rapidly, but our dive time was 92 minutes, which is good for a fellow with only 15 dives in his log. I invited Dimitry to join us on Scubatyme on Saturday.

My SAC rate was 18.54 psi/minute; and my RMV was 0.48 ft3/minute.

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