07 September 2014

Darryn Timm, Luis and I dive the Clipper Jacks

Chad was apparently concerned about his ears and skipped the dives today. Darryn came to the apartment a bit before 7:00 am and we headed to the beach.  We geared up and swam out to the reef, but could not find the Jacks.  So we make the Alternate Air Source, CESA and buddy breathing ascents from 27 feet of water. Darryn did well.  We spent the balance of the dive swimming North then South looking for the Jacks, but we never found them.  

Dive Tme was 80 minutes; RMV was .4 ft3/minute.
Luis was in the lot waiting for us when we got back. We took a little bit of a break, geared up and got in the water with our cameras.  We swam on the surface to the single Jack in line with the Firehouse. The Jacks were to the North a bit.  We swam long the line of the Jacks taking pictures.  Got several shots of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle above and a few of the little nurse Shark to the right.

 Got several shots of a Bicolor Damselfish,

 an Intermediate Blue Tang still showing traces of the yellow of its Juvenile state,
 a resting Spotted Goatfish being cleaned by a Neon Goby,

a Scrawled Cowfish,
 a Sharptail Eel,
a Largemouth Grunt,
and the first Tobaccofish I have ever seen anywhere.

Darryn was excited and ran through his air faster than usual.  Dive Time was 103 minutes; RMV was 0.35 ft3/minute.

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