01 August 2014

Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Got to the beach early, but got caught up in the sunrise and didn't get into the water until 6:45 am.  Swam out to the swim buoy and descended at the Sea Rod, then swam slowly out to the blocks.  Visibility was terrible.  I went up the gun sight to the Gray Mid-way rock and turned North to go to the Perpendicular Rocks, the Swept Rock and the  Big Coral Knoll.  I made several trips around the perimeter of the Knoll.

Saw this little guy waiting for the small fish to clean him up.

And this fellow skimming along over the coral.

This guy was feeding on the sand and algae leading up to the reef.
Got this shot of the Rock Hind sitting on top of one of the boulders on the North edge of the Knoll.

I made three trips around the Knoll.  Got some fish portraits, but lots of backscatter, too.

 Got this photograph of a Blue Tang,

this shot of an Ocean Surgeonfish getting cleaned by a Neon Goby,

and this shot of a White Grunt.

Came back a little early.  I got to the blocks with over 700 psi so I hung out there while I breathed the tank down below 500 psi, then headed over to the Sea Rod and up the beach.

Dive Time was 145 minutes and RMV was 0.4 ft3/minute.   Not bad after two days out of the water.

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