29 July 2014

A Solo Dive on the Staghorn Coral Forest

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, so I did not make an early morning dive this morning.  I got to the beach about 8:10 am and parked just before a female life guard pulled in.  She did not open the Tower, however, and she did not hassle me.

I headed due East from the swim buoy just South of Tower 19 and found the Staghorn Coral Forest with little problem.

 Found some squid just as I entered the forest and got a lot of pictures.  I hope some of them turn out okay.
Got this shot of a Squirrelfish in the coral.

this Smallmouth Grunt,
and this Pigfish
 Really like this shot of an Ocean Surgeonfish.  Looks like he is in the choir and singing for all he is worth.
 Also got this shot of two French Grunts fighting, though I'm not sure what they are fighting over.  

Left the forest at 1000 psi and hung out at 10 feet just off the beach to get to 141 minutes of dive time.  Not bad.

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