13 July 2014

I Dive with Dean on the Galt Ocean Mile

It was really windy and sloppy in the water today.  Dean invited me to dive the beach off his condo.  I wasn't expecting much and did not take the camera.  That was a mistake.  We got out through the surf and swam past the buoys before descending.  As is often the case, once we got underwater, things calmed down and while the visibility was not good, it was adequate.  We swam up to a building 10 buildings to the South of Dean's condo.  The trip back was somehow much shorter than the trip out.  As we got out, a little girl wanted to know what we were doing.  Kinda cute.  Dive time was 125 minutes; RMV rate was .40 ft3/minute.

Took my camera on the second dive.  The wind had died down a bit and the rain water had calmed the seas.  We swam out East farther than we did on the first dive and it was really quite nice.  Like diving on the swiss cheese reef in LBTS in 2006. Got lots of pictures, but it was darker.  It clouded over and rained while we were in the water. Got some nice photos:

 This is a Butter Hamlet,
a Glasseye Snapper,
a Gray Snapper,
a Hogfish
 an Initial Phase Queen Parrotfish,
 a Nurse Shark,
 and a Porcupinefish.
I got out of the water with 843 psi still in my tank. Dive time was 109 minutes; RMV was 0.39 ft3/minute.

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