18 July 2014

A couple of Solo Dives to the Fish Camp Rocks

Staying dark longer.  I get in the water about 6:25 am and descend in 10 ft shortly after that.  I creep out to the algae patch and look for the Sea Rod.  I find it and I spot two baby squid.

They're about 3 times the size they were when I last spotted them on June 26th, but somehow they are harder to photograph.  They move faster and are more erratic.

Went up to the blocks and then to the fish Camp Rocks. Tried some portraits of Jacks.  I like this shot of 3 Yellow Jacks in tight formation.

Also found and photographed one Midnight Parrotfish.

Also found a little hermit crab.

Then back down the reef and I find some adult Caribbean Reef Squid and get some photos of the three of them.

Dive Time is 143 minutes, RMV is 0.39 ft3/minute.

Got out of the water and only had half an hour to dry out and warm up before the Life Guards went on duty.  It wasn't enough.  But I have to beat the Life Guards if I want to make a second dive, so I get in and go under on the sand.  I swim out to the Sea Rod, but no baby squid this time.  Head up to the blocks, then to the Fish Camp Rocks.  It's a repeat of the first dive.

Get this shot of a Sheepshead Porgy and a follow up shot of him without the stripes.

Just before the blocks, I get this shot of a Seminole Goby.

At the Rocks, I get this shot of a Glassy Sweeper.
and this one of a Scrawled Cowfish.

On the way back down the reef, I get this photo of a Scrawled Filefish who thinks he's cleverly disguised as a sea rod.  

Dive Time is 156 minutes; RMV is 0.34 ft3/minute.  Nice dive.

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