24 June 2014

Two Solo Dives on the Ledge of Turtles

Geared up and swam out to the Rock Pile to descend. Headed off at 120 degrees and started up the reef. Found  an octopus who had two shells clasped tightly to him  

I reached in to touch one of the shells and he squirted me with water. Took some pictures and headed on up the reef.

Spotted a rectangular bit of coral in the distance that might have been on the Ledge, but I decided not to go for it.  A few minutes later I spotted the round brain coral I knew to be SW of Turtle Rock, so I swam up there and then to the Ledge.

Just hung out on the Ledge getting pictures of fish like this Bicolor Damselfish,

this Townsend angelfish

and my favorite, this Three Spot Damselfish.  I love their eyes.

When I got down to 1000 psi, I headed back down the reef. I stopped to see the octopus, but he wasn't eager to play.  Got to the Rock Pile and waited until I was down to 250 psi to head West to the beach.  Dive time was 130 minutes.

Same dive as the first.  Got in the water before the Life guards came, swam out to the Rock Pile.  Descended. Swam up the reef towards the Ledge.  Stopped to see that the Octopus was fast asleep, then continued to the Ledge.  Spotted the Big Rock and Turtle Rock.  I was North and a bit East of them.  Just hung out with the fish.

 Got this shot of a Bar Jack,
 this nice shot of a Redband Parrotfish grinning away,
 this more dramatic shot of a Yellow Jack in the strobe,
and this shot of a Striped Parrotfish.

Stayed on the Ledge to 1000 psi and then headed back. Held up at the Rock Pile until 300 psi and then headed West to the beach.

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