22 June 2014

Luis and I make a single dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Luis sent me an email saying he could meet me on the beach at 8:00 am for two dives.  It took a while to actually get in the water, but we swam out to the blocks, went up the gun sight, over Irish Thighs, past the sponge, over the Cigar Rock and up to the Gray Mid-way Rock.  Turned North and went to the Perpendicular Rocks, then the Swept Rock and then the Knoll.

Found the Rock Hind on top of one of the large rocks on the North and got some good shots before it hid in the tipped coral.

Also found a Goldentail Moray Eel on the North slope.

He was a shy fellow and would not come out, so the pictures only hint and what he looks like.

Finally, found a small Green turtle on the sand on the way back to the beach.

He took off swimming as I got my first shot and it wasn't long before he had outrun me.

It was a good dive, but at 131 minutes, it was not as long as I would have hoped.  Luis was unable to stay for a second such dive, so I made only the one dive today.

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