13 June 2014

Two Shorter Solo Dives on the Little Coral Knoll

Got to the beach early and geared up.  Got in and had time to swim out to the Big Rock before descending. Dropped quickly, suggesting I am too heavy with 10 pounds.

There was a Nurse Shark sleeping under the rock and I got several shots.  I left, be it stayed.  The way it should be.

I swam South a bit and found a pair of Seminole Gobys.

Got several pictures, though they are a bit more skittish than the Blue Gobys.

Then I continued at what I hoped would be 150 degrees and found the Dog Rock.  Got some pictures of a Blue Tang with White Stripes. At first I thought it was some mutation, but I watched as the white stripes disappeared and it turned back into the Blue Tang I am used to seeing.

Headed almost 90 degrees and found the knoll. Watched a small turtle swim away as I swam up. Checked out the knoll and then went slowly East to the Cushion Coral.  Explored there for a bit and got this photo of a Spotted Goatfish, then I went West back to the knoll.

I searched a Giant Anemone for Squat Anemone Shrimp but could not find any.  About 6 ft away, however, I spotted this guy in from of an opening in the coral. I got the shot.

Hung around until I was at 1000 psi and then went 330 degrees back to the Big Rock. The Nurse Shark was still there, but I stayed away.  Got to 120 minutes and then went West to the beach Total dive was 126 minutes.   Last Tuesday I did 144 minutes on a tank with even less pressure.

Warmed up when I got out after my first dive.  Decided to drop some weight and changed to 8 pounds.  Got in the water before the Life Guard showed up and I was outside the swim buoy when he came so he left me alone.  I descended easily enough.  The Nurse Shark was still at the Big Rock, so I stayed away. I did get this shot of two Porkfish swimming along.

I went South looking for some more Seminole Goby pairs.  Got this shot of a Hogfish, instead.

Turned and headed at 150 degrees to get to the knoll. Missed the 4 blocks and missed the Dog Rock.

I don't know where I went wrong and I did find the knoll. Saw the turtle again, but still too far away to get a good photograph.  Spotted this Amber Penshell on the Knoll.

Did better than on the first dive, but not like Wednesday, when I went 162 minutes on less air.

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