11 June 2014

Two Long Solo Dives Off Tower 17

Got to the beach in the dark.  Geared up and read a little, then it was dawn, so I got in the water and descended in about 10 ft.  Swam out looking for the Sea Rod but could not find it, so I surfaced and swam over it and descended.  Looked for baby squid, but did not see any.  No Filefish either.

So I headed out to the blocks.  Got set by the current, but figured it out and just swam South until I spotted the blocks.

I spotted what I think is a Blackringed Goby on the blocks.  I watched it move across the top of the block and then head down the side of a second block.

Decided to get some more pictures of the Blue Gobys to the South and to look for the Seminole Gobys, too.  I went more or less South and spotted this crab under a large rock.

While I was shooting the crab, I spotted a Sailfin Blenny who was pretty active with his large dorsal fin, so I got some pictures of him, as well.
After the Blenny, I continued South and found some Blue Goby pairs.  I did not see any Seminole Gobys.

Came back with the current in less than half the time it took to swim out.  Had to look a little, but found the blocks and then headed in to the Sea Rod.  Finally, I swam West into the beach.  132 minute dive, but I was cold and shivering when I got out.

I dried off, wrapped myself in the towel and drank some hot coffee.  The sun was out and I warmed up quickly. Changed tanks and got back in well before 9:30.  Swam out to the blocks to descend.  I headed East, up the gun sight to the Cigar Rock and then to the Gray Mid-way rock. Looked for squid, but didn't see any.

Swam over to the Perpendicular Rocks and the Swept Rock.  Got some nice portraits of a Sailors Choice at the Swept Rock.  From the Rock, I swam over to the Knoll.

Found a Turtle getting cleaned on the Knoll.  I got some photos but kept my distance so I didn't spook him.

I swam around the knoll and the little turtle came over to swim with me.  Nice.

On the back side of the Knoll I found a Rock Hind who was sunning herself on one of the large Rocks.  We played a little game:  I'd try to photograph her and she'd run and hide.  Some of the photos turned out okay anyway.

Explored some large rocks NW of the Knoll then came back for one last look before heading to the Gray Mid-way Rock and back to the beach.

This was my 77th solo dive this year.  Dive time was 162 minutes, a new record.

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