28 May 2014

Solo Dive on the Little Coral Knoll

The ocean was calm and quiet when I got to the beach about 6:00 am.  I geared up and got in the water and descended almost immediately in 10 feet of water.

I swam East and after a little searching found the Big Rock.  This time I was ready for the Nurse Shark and got a picture of him peeking out before he dashed off.

I headed off at 150 degrees and spotted a Sailfin Blenny who was coming out of his hole to communicate with his fellows by waving his large dorsal fin.  I spent about 15 minutes first setting the exposure and then catching the action.  Probably should have recorded a video, but I didn't.  I did get a nice 5 picture series of the action and one very clear shot of him out and at the top of his climb.

When I got to the Little Knoll, I found the Green Turtle had come by again to get cleaned.  I also photographed a number of the reef fish.  I spent the bulk of the dive on the knoll.

I returned to the Big Rock and along the way found and photographed a small sea hare.

 It was nearly 9:00 am by the time I surfaced and got out of the water and took off the gear.  The dive was 131 minutes.  Water temperature was 80.6 degrees and I was chilled though not miserable.  Storm clouds had gathered and it started raining before I could dry off.  I hid in the cab, but the rain went on for 20 minutes and I elected to not race into the water to beat the Life Guards. I packed and drove home.

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