26 May 2014

I make a early solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll and then guide a diver onto the Knoll as my second dive

Got up and got moving early this morning.  I did leave without my wallet and had to go back,  but just went around the block.  Got to the beach a little after 6:00 am but still before sunrise.

Geared up and got in.  Swam out to 10 ft and descended.  Tried to hold 100 degrees, but got set North by the current and had to surface to see where I was.  Found the blocks and headed up the gun sight to Irish Thighs, then the cigar, and then to the Gray Mid-way, over to the Perpendicular Rocks, the Swept Rock and then the Knoll.

Got photos of this Intermediate Gray Angelfish,
this Purplemouth Moray Eel,

 this Bluestriped Grunt,
this Green Sea Turtle,
Spotted a post-larval juvenile trunkfish.  

Also found an odd looking nudibranch.

Tight on air, but over 2 hours, just not 20 minutes over. Just as well, since I had a diver I was supposed to meet at Tower 17 at 8:30 am to dive the Big Coral Knoll.

Brian was at the Tower when I got out of the water.  He brought his gear, so I had him sign the releases and gear up.  We talked a little about the dive and his weights. He is muscled, but was wearing a 2/3 full suit.  He carried just 10 pounds and did well, except for once when he just went up, but I think that has to do with putting air in his BCD.

Anyway, we swam to the blocks and descended.  He had no problem clearing his ears and we headed up the gun sight to Irish Thighs, the Cigar Rock and the Gray Mid-way Rock, then headed North to the Perpendicular Rocks, the Swept Rock and the Knoll.  He seemed to be doing okay on air, but I decided against a swim to the English Garden.  Instead, we left the Knoll on the Western edge and headed to the Fish Camp Rocks.  Saw a hogfish in its reddish mottled coloration,

some Glassy Sweepers
and some large Midnight Parrotfish.

Came to the Gray Mid-way Rock and continued heading West to the beach.

Brian hit 500 psi on the flat as we left the Blocks, so I had him use my air.  He wanted to be on my right, but the flag line was there because of the North current. We went slowly and it worked out.  We surfaced in 5 ft of water in front of the Tower.  He was tired, so we quit at one dive.  Too bad.

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