30 January 2014

Solo Dive planned to the Clipper Jacks but actually spent on the algae.

So I skipped diving on the 3 previous days when it was warm and sunny and now I get out when it is colder and cloudy.  What was I thinking?  Still, it's not so bad in the water.  I entered just South of the rocks in front of Tower 2 and swam on the surface out to the algae, but also South so that the light post was in the middle of the fire station, where I descended.  There was a strong surface current near the beach, but it was pretty calm on the algae.  I was hoping to find some octopus, but didn't.  There was not much life up and around.  Got a few pictures, but not many.  Not much to shoot at and bad visibility to boot.

This little Sharpnose Puffer was happy to pose.

This Purplemouth Moray Eel was taken by surprise and slipped back into the coral head under which he was hiding.

I spent some time taking pictures of this Juvenile Highhat.

This Intermediate French Angelfish was frightened by the strobe and I only got the one shot.

This Sand Perch seemed very curious why I should be on his reef.

   I had tried to stay due East of the fire department, but I chased a few subjects and by the time I got to the second run of sand, I could have been anywhere. I thought I was North of the Jacks and swam South, but I went a long ways and did not find them, so I surfaced and found I was South of where I thought the jacks were.  I swam North a ways, but didn't see them and was getting low on air, so I headed WNW and headed back to the beach.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Paul and I will be in Fort Lauderdale later this month and would love to see you. We'll be in the area from Saturday the 22nd until Tuesday the 25th. We don't have a set schedule at this point. I rented a car and we're thinking of driving to Key West. Don Harrison gave me the link to your dive page. If you'd like to get together with us while we're in the area, please email me at jann.tresham@gmail.com We'll be on a cruise ship from the 8th to the 22nd and I'm not sure if we'll have wifi, but I'll check messages when we get service. We're leaving tomorrow, the 5th, for San Diego. We're ready to leave the cold Pacific Northwest for awhile! Would love to see you…
    Jann Tresham