04 January 2014

Leo, Luis and I dive the Yankee Clipper Jacks

     We met at the South Beach lot at 8:30 am, geared up and walked out to the beach.  We swam out through the surf.  I started just East of the rocks and the three of us stayed on my mark.  The tide was high and it was quite deep close to the beach.  We swam for 23 minutes before descending.

      Unfortunately, I tried looking North for the jacks.  I surfaced to find we were well North of the entry to the lot, so we headed South and found the jacks.  Must have been quite close where we descended.   Could hardly see anything.  If I backed up a few feet, I couldn't find the jacks.

 The Jacks are full of Trumpetfish.  Some are yellow and others more of a golden color.

Also plenty of Smooth Trunkfish

As well as Porkfish.

The stobe battery went dead after only a few shots and visibility was too bad and dark to shoot without the strobe.  Still, it was interesting to be on the Jacks and fun to be in the water.

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