05 January 2014

Leo and I dive off Tower 17

      Luis forgot his compass and computer and he borrowed my spares.  We geared up and got in, trying to time the breakers.  I decided against taking my camera.  The surf was too rough and visibility was unlikely to make taking the camera worth the effort.

      The beach was steep and it got deep quickly.  I had trouble putting my fins on and swimming out.  The waves were beating me back and the current was fairly strong near shore.  I didn't want to put air in the BCD, to avoid drag and to allow me to dive under breaking waves.  Once I got beyond the breakers, I looked back and saw Leo also beyond the breakers but Luis was fighting to get back on the beach with all of his gear.  Leo was worried about his car keys, which he had placed in Luis's car.  They exchanged signs and then Leo and I went diving.

      We headed East, but got set North and ended up just West of the Knoll.  I spotted the Swept Rock as we swam by.   We adjusted and swam to the Knoll, which we toured.  From the Knoll, we headed East to the Ledge.  Once we got on the bottom sand, we headed South, but apparently not far enough.  We were slightly South of Tower 17 when we got back to the beach, but not as far South as I had wanted.  Both Leo and I went down trying to get on the beach.  I pushed back out, got to my feet and climbed out.  Luis helped Leo get in.  It was an adventure.  I was glad I had not taken the camera.

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