24 March 2013

Chasing the Flag and Katie's second Open Water Dive

Luis and Katie were going to meet me on the beach at 9:00 am, early enough to get a parking spot, but later than yesterday so it might be warmer.  I got there early to make a dive shooting supermacro.

The weather was better:  bottom temperature at 70 degrees and surface temperature at about 74 degrees.  The wind was up and surf was rough, but not outrageous.  I got in and got some okay shots then felt a very strong jerk on the flag line.
 I was busy shooting so I didn't think much about it, then I reached for the reel and it wasn't there.  I surfaced, but could not see the flag anywhere, so I swam back to the beach hoping to locate it.  Luis was there and I explained my problem.  He spotted the flag and took my camera while I chased after it.  I walked along the beach until I spotted it then swam out, but the surface current was strong and I ended up chasing the flag almost to the Pelican. 
I finally caught it and swam back to the beach where Luis was watching.  We then walked back to the truck to meet with Katie.  By the time I got there, though, I was beat.  We didn't get in the water until almost 11:00 am.
We swam on the surface out to the swim buoy and then descended.  Katie had some trouble clearing her ears, but eventually made it down.

We went through the various skills and she did fine, even clearing her mask without incident. 

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