23 March 2013

Saturday Morning Dive with Luis and a mid-morning dive with Katie Simcock, a new Open Water student

 The whole week has been cold.  Nonetheless, Luis and I agree to meet on the beach to make a photography dive before my Open Water student arrives.  This might not have been the smartest idea we've ever had.  It was 69 degrees in the water and only about 67 degrees on the surface. 

I found a small shell on a rock and thought I noticed it move.  It did. I investigated and found a tiny hermit crab.  I rolled the shell over and got a picture. 
 Shooting the 100 mm macro lens with a +10 diopter.  Got this nice shot of some little Blenny. 
 As you might guess, I am fascinated by the 8-armed stars of the Knobby Sea Rods. 
 I think the little guy above is a Secretary Blenny, though I am not all that confidant.  He doesn't look it here, but he is very tiny. 

Of course, the fellow to the left is a Neon Goby.

 To the right is a Christmas Tree Worm.

And this is a Freckled Seahare.

This is Katie, who got to the beach right on time for her first open water dive.  I weighted her a couple of pounds heavy at 10 pounds, but she still managed to float near the surface for much of the dive.  One dive was enough, however. 

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