10 March 2012

Olivia's Final Certification Dives

 Olivia was anxious about the boat dive, but relaxed once she got in the water.  She came down the line then dropped on the boat and took off exploring. 
We swam around the wreck several times, then entered the hold.  We had air, so I started through the skills and she did just fine.   
 Finally, at 1200 psi, we headed back to the line and she and I made an alternative air source ascent. 
 We made a 3 minute safety stop and I decided to go back down and do the buddy breathing ascent.  It all went well and she was all smiles on the surface.
 The second dive was a shallow drift dive on Barefoot Reet, which is North of the Hillsboro Inlet. 
 We saw several Harlequin Bass
 a Townsend Angelfish
 and a few Blue Hamlets.
 There were two Foureye Butterfly fish who followed us a ways. 
 I spotted a Bearded Fire Worm crawling up a Vase Sponge. 
 A small Atlantic Stingray gracefully swam by me as I hurried to catch up to the others. 
 We don't often see Spotted Trunkfish. 
 But we frequently find Pederson Shrimp amoung Corkscrew Anemone. 
Olivia was quite pleased to have gotten certified and we hope she comes back to dive some more. 

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