04 March 2012

Casey Duncan make her first and second Open Water Dives

Casey Duncan is a new student whose boyfriend gave her the Open Water certification course as a birthday present.  We completed the Pool Sessions on Saturday afternoon and were ready for the open water dives on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, the Intova point 'n shoot that I usually have with me flooded during the pool session Saturday afternoon.  I think it will be fine, but it was not working this morning.  

I was very concerned about the weather.  The NOAA forecast called for 22 knot winds and 65 degree temperatures by noon.  We got in the water and made the surface swim out to the Eastern edge of the reef, where we found 33 feet of water for the ascents.  Casey had some trouble equalizing, but did okay.  She accomplished the ascents and we swam back along the reef.  She ran low on air, so she got to use my octopus while we swam back to the beach.
I wanted to spend time going over the decompression table problems, but the wind had picked up and there were clouds from the West, so we got back in the water to make her second dive.

On this dive, we descended at the swim buoy and she performed the various skills on the sand.  Once those were done, we headed off to the East.  I was hoping to find the Fish Camp Rocks or the Big Coral Knoll, but with the current, we managed to miss both.

 We ended up at the Eastern edge of the reef, again.  Apparently Guy and Casey spotted a turtle, but neither Luis nor I saw it.  I had added 4 pounds to Casey's weight, but she seemed to still be light with 20 pounds of lead.  Something else is going on there. She ran low on air again and shared with Luis on the way back to the beach.

When we got out around 11:00 am, and the surface weather had deteriorated considerably.   I had hoped to make a 3rd dive, but not in these conditions.

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